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Kids Quest

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Toddler Care

Toddlers are extremely active. We keep them actively learning.

At Kids Quest we strongly believe in the formation of trusting bonds between toddlers and their teachers. Our teachers are able to establish a deep understanding of your toddler’s personality and encourage the development of your child within a tight-knit community

Our curriculum is designed to develop and reinforce each toddler’s individual needs, so children learn at their own pace. Toddlers are on the go and full of natural curiosity which prompts them to constantly explore. Our toddlers participate in sensory – based learning experience while receiving positive, nurturing guidance from highly qualified teachers.

Our teachers work to guide your toddlers while still allowing them to make their own choices and develop their personality. As your toddler plays and learns, we acknowledge teachable moments and help your child learn all day long.

Pre – School Curriculum

We give children an opportunity to explore.

We believe caring and learning go hand in hand. Our teachers strive to deliver the most comprehensive learning and supportive environment possible. The opportunity to learn is always present, we allow children will learn throughout the day and use everything as a learning moment.

Your child will start learning from the moment they enter Kids Quest until they leave. Throughout the day, children interact with their peers and teachers in small and large groups. They have the opportunity to learn and to discover in our developmentally appropriate learning centers, as well as outside on our age-appropriate playgrounds.

Kids Quest understands that 2-year-olds want to be independent. They want to explore, touch and mimic their peers and teachers. Our curriculum takes all of this into consideration and uses it to prepare your little ones for school.  

Kindergarten Curriculum

We give your child the tools to take on the world. 

Kids Quest builds on all of the skills and concepts your child has learned in our classroom throughout the year and builds on them to prepare your child for School. Our educators always deliver the most comprehensive learning and supportive care possible. Your child will learn throughout the day, including playtime, because the opportunity to learn is always present.

We know that Five-year-olds are eager to discover and learn new information. They love to plan and enjoy playing with their peers. At Kids Quest we provide learning and social activities to meet your child’s needs.

Your child’s time at Kids Quest culminates with a graduation ceremony where each child presents the skills they have developed and learned. 

School Age Programs

Kids Quest will give your elementary school–age child a community in which they can learn and thrive with convenient care both before and after school, during school breaks and during most school closings. Our teachers encourage children with a fun and nurturing atmosphere. 

After School Programs

Kids Quest understands how important it is for your child to have the proper environment to focus and complete their homework assignments. Our after school program makes sure your child has the proper help to complete their home work assignemnts and tutors that will guide them and teach them the required skills.


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